Friday, January 6, 2012


While working on such a blog might seem indulgent, self important, or ego driven, and I am all too aware of these points, I felt this was the right time to organize such musings. I’m a big believer in sense memory, that one’s initial first exposure to a piece of music, the context of where one was at the time they first heard a piece of music, or an album, has an impact on how one will associate themselves with that music. In essence that one creates mental pictures about the memories of their past, that they link to a certain album, or song.

The other goal of this blog is to expose other’s to records many might not otherwise aware of. Many will be obvious titles, and others will be more obscure. If this blog achieves any goal, it would be to force the reader to rethink their assumptions about certain titles, or turn them on, so these reviews will run the gambit.

The goal of this blog is to be part music review, part advocacy, part diary, and part musicologist. I can only hope this will interest. - Matt Allair

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